High Voltage and Arc Flash Accredited Courses Classroom or Online

Licensing of IP. and Practical Arc Flash Consulting

HV Training and Consulting is a registered training organisation (RTO) dedicated to providing quality arc flash and high voltage training in line with industry standards. Courses can be tailored to suit your company’s need
(such as amalgamating your company’s circuit diagrams and enterprise documents into the training program).


Arc Flash Training & Consulting

Accredited and non-accredited arc flash training courses provided in classroom or online


High Voltage Training

Accredited and non-accredited high voltage training courses provided in classroom or online


Development and Licensing

Specialised electrical courses, documents and procedures can be developed for your company needs. Licensing or arc flash and high voltage courses to other RTO’s to deliver in their own right

HV Training and Consulting Pty Ltd

Quality Specialised Electrical Training Onsite or Online

Arc Flash or High Voltage Nationally Accredited Training

Practical Arc Flash Consulting

Trusted training providers for ...

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